Goya, Danza's Negras.
Goya, Danza's Negras, is a dance performance by Jochen Ulrich, art director and choreographer of Tanz Forum Köln. It was premiered in the Köln Opera House on the 20th december 1995.
Commisioned by Jochen Ulrich, Bo Spaenc composed the music for this production with a very specific instrumentationin mind. The music was recorded by the "Goya Band", who performed live during the performances in Köln.
This CD contains half of the final misucscore.
The Goya Band are:
  • Harpsichord Solo: Christine Wauters
  • Percussion: Chris Joris
  • Trumpets, Piccolo-Trumpet: Karl Jockusch
  • T-Bone, Bass Bone: Achim Fink
  • Oboe, English Horn: Nils Brückelman
  • All Saxes, Clarinet: Bernard Heiml
  • Synthesizers: Paul Van Caudenberg
  • Sound Engineer: Mark Maerschalk
All music recorded by MM at the Galaxy Studio's in Mol, Belgium in februari 1995.